Autechre NTS Sessions 1-4 (Warp; Box Sets – 12×LP + 8×CD; DL) DAYSTREAMING: Over several discs/platters and thirty-six tracks Autechre (Sean Booth & Robert Brown) celebrate their 31st year in business with an 8-hour long, epic box set of all new livestream material, from a radio residency broadcast live back in April, however the physical […]

Did the devil make him do it? Or is this virtual wasteland eating its own tail? This astonishingly saturated, post-DEVO-on-acid nightmarish vision is solipsism personified. All directed by the man himself, Daniel Lopatin, the artist fleshes out his truist colors here, and this is a sneak peek taken from Oneohtrix Point Never’s upcoming new album […]

Squarepusher presents Shobaleader One – Megazine (taken from d’Demonstrator) Megazine is the new video by the new band Shobaleader One (presented by Squarepusher). Here’s an interview on Warp which releases the record on 10/18.

Warp Records has announced more details on the forthcoming release from composer/musician Brian Eno. The title for the new recording is Small Craft On A Milk Sea and it will come in multiple formats (Collector’s Edition Limited Box Set, MP3, 2xCD, Vinyl, more). Available on November 2.

AUTECHRE Move of Ten Warp One of the more leading electronic practitioners who keep releasing surprising cliffhangers is Autechre. Move of Ten was released immediately on the heels of Oversteps, a fine yet cold record. This one, however, is quite unusual in the long line of calculating before their time classics. Etchogon-S sounds like an […]