Nimh| Beyond The Crying Era Winter-Light (CD/DL) “Rich and full sonic soil”                                             Giuseppe Verticchio is an experimental multi-instrumentalist and computer programmer hailing from Italy and in fact, he is quite productive, with a discography in excess of twenty albums with his main project Nimh since its beginning in 2001! Notable too, are his collaborations […]

VelgeNaturlig | Kundalini Winter-Light (CD/DL) We ease into the drifting drone of Portugese sound artist VelgeNaturlig (Ivo Santos) as he releases Kundalini on Dutch imprint Winter-Light. Blurring the lines of mystics and surveyors the setting is a many layered set of grey tones and soft bass harmonies on Padmasana. The air is ever-shifting, yet dense […]

Rapoon Offworld OP1 Equs: Mercury Rising II (Winter-Light; CD/DL) The prolific experimental sound artist Robin Storey has been concocting ambient and other sounds since way back in 1980 when he was a founding member of :zoviet*france: On his own he’s released a vast trove of such breadth that it’s often hard to keep up with, […]