At the very top of the month we offered a Autumn kickstarter with a piece outlining some of the more interesting releases expected this time of year. As we close the calendar for November, this is meant to be a short, sweeping follow-up to keep you in tune with some we missed, and five just […]

Fuego | MNXAZona Watusa (CS/DL) At just over thirty minutes comes something new and interesting from Aldi, Pope, Miranda otherwise branded here as Fuego, and their new release MNXA. Five incredibly unique pieces that come off as experimental space transmissions, just add fire. As this trickles and beams to the solar system a piece like […]

To kick off my first reviews of June, here is a triple set of compilations that have come across the radar at Toneshift.  First is on a new label, Subject To Restrictions Discs.  The “Kampf Der Welten EP” is a sampler of sorts, a mission statement to showcase this fresh imprint that deals with synth-led […]

Espacio Profundo | Laniakea Zona Watusa (CS/DL) A field recording of croaks and caws casts the setting for Laniakea (or “immense heaven” in Hawaiian) which is named after a supercluster in the galaxy. On their third tape since 2015 Espacio Profundo wastes no time on Calotriton Arnoldi creating an incredible depth of atmosphere, with cowbells […]

For the last three months we have truly been inundated with diverse new releases, and because of volume and curation many of them miss hitting the pixels we produce here at We are so lucky to be able to have access to such a wide breadth of innovative sounds. Out of these numerous works […]

EXPERIMENTAL NOISE FUSION: The Dutch duo of engineers Meglamancha (Freek Philippi & Marlon Wolterink) returns on Barcelona-based label Zona Watusa for their latest ep (Cassette, Digital), Megara. Released on May 29, in just three tracks running about twenty-eight minutes, the atmosphere is post-industrial with soundtrack-isms a-plenty on Poine. Next up on Telchine things get slightly rougher […]